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TOP Mi 10400mAh Powerbank - Black

TOP Mi 10400mAh Powerbank - Black

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  • 10400mAh High Capacity
  • Portable and Pocket Size
  • 2.1A High Power single output
  • Fast charging Powerbank

Product Detail

Prepare to experience one of the most advanced powerbanks for all generations of iPad, iPhone, iPod, Samsung devices, HTC, Blackberry and other USB related devices. Introducing the TOP Mi Powerbank 10,400mAh Powerbank. With a capacity of 10,400mAh, this powerful charger will ensure that your smart phones or digital devices be fully charged and ready to use! No need to worry about running out of battery after a long day at work, take efficiency to a whole new level with the TOP Mi PowerBank. So what are you waiting for? Get it now while stocks last!

Useful features for your everyday electronic needsIt is always frustrating when you find yourself in a situation where your smart phone or digital device has run out of battery, especially when you need it the most! With the TOP Mi Powerbank, you never have to get caught in such a predicament ever again! The light indicator is a convenient feature that lets you know when your device has been fully charged and ready to be used to its maximum potential!




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